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Trying to break out from just doing Pokémon games, I made an original game called Pound the Puss. Now I'm sure to be hired!...

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Not crazy about how the game looks right now but beyond that I can't complain otherwise.

Thanks. The game is definitely going to be gradually improved all around in the graphics department, but what specifically are you talking about? Do you not like the HUD? Are the areas too empty? I can definitely do something about that. Unless it's just the Mystery Dungeon sprites that aren't too appealing, because I can't improve those.

It would be fine if health actually changed upon switching Pokemon...

I think a shared health bar is better. It fits with the one universal level, and it makes boss battles more challenging since you don't get six chances. If you could keep switching between healthy Pokémon, you'd pretty much never die.

Congrats on the upcoming game, this looks like pretty advance stuff coding wise :) Perhaps making the landscape a bit more ambient with structures like rocks and trees will make it seem fuller and explorable.

Thanks, man! Yes, that's all planned for the final product. Areas will have pathways that are a lighter green to help with direction, and stuff laying around to help map areas out in your head. I've traversed Periwinkle Pond enough times that I know certain pond and puddle formations mean that I'm close to the exit. I've just been worried about the coding for the first few demos, but it will be made quite pretty by the final product.

Now that I'm thinking about it the HUD is rather clunky and, if the areas are going to be so large, then a mini-map would be nice. Not only would it make the HUD look better but it would make it easier to find things in an area(particularly the town). The areas are fine for now but adding more stuff like trees, rocks and bushes and such or other land marks would be nice.

Sure thing. The HUD has looked like that since it was first invented; it could use some polishing up. I've just been focusing on the coding for these first few demos, then graphical improvements can start to be made. A minimap is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how possible it is given my coding skills. I think we may have to make do with the normal maps laying around, but perhaps those could be much more detailed. Anyway, thanks for the input.

Can you give us the option of using the arrow keys or the WSAD controls some of us aren't big fans of WSAD controls. Can't wait to play the game! By the way will you be able to evolve or learn new moves and stuff?

I always found it weird to use the arrow keys and the mouse at the same time since you're all hunched up on the right side of your computer, but if enough people request it, I'll see what I can do. I mean all the other keys (X, C, F, 1-6) are based around being close to the WASD keys, so I don't think it would be very fun to play with the arrow keys.

No, unfortunately evolution would be incredibly time-consuming and break the game in some ways. Almost every Pokémon in the game is at their lowest evolutionary stage, so it's pretty balanced. Sure, some are better than others, but nothing is unusable. If you can just be a Charizard the game goes easy mode, doesn't it? :P And all Pokémon will just start with either one or two moves. I doubt that will change in the future, but I do have some ideas about unlocking things through level-up... but they're secret for now. :3

Very cool concept and the game looks fun. But to even it out. Would it be possible to give ranged Pokemon like Pikachu a limit to how far away they can be to be unable attack? The fight with the boss at Perriwinkle Pond seemed that Pikachu was way to safe. The only thing dangerous to him was the bullet hell spike attack that he used. So to add challenge I, not that I'm telling you how to build your game ,just a suggestion, think you they should have to be a tad closer to put the ranged Pokemon in immediate harm.

Oh, don't feel bad, this kind of criticism is totally welcome. I've noticed that too, so I think for future demos I'll be giving Stunky and Qwilfish a way to shoot at people who are standing off in the distance spamming Ember/ThunderShock/DragonBreath. Thanks for the feedback.

Would it be possible to add the option to release a pokemon so u can add new ones? I tryed and it's a very cool game, I want to see how u improve it

To release a Pokemon, switch back to your starter. Red X's should appear next to your other Pokemon. Click on those to release Pokemon you've caught. Sorry, I explained that in the first YouTube video, but forgot to do it this time around.

Cool concept. If you want programming help (Assuming it's AS2), 3D stuff or UI things, I'm here.

It actually is AS2; I wasn't sure how many people still used it. Hey, if you have any idea how a minimap is achievable, please be my guest.


Cool little game. I can tell a lot of effort has gone into this. 3 things that struck me immediately which would greatly improve this are:

1) Interface design could be a lot nicer
2) Controls could be part of the UI instead of a million things to remember on the keyboard. On screen buttons for talking, changing attacks etc would be much better
3) Map design was really boring empty fields of nothing. I hope it's temporary, because I think you could design some really cool levels

And now for the mandatory technical advice... :P
AS3 would probably be a better idea than AS2 :)

I look forward to seeing more, thanks!

Thank you!

1) As I addressed a few replies ago, the interface (I'm assuming you mean the sidebar) is only temporary for now. It can definitely be updated once I come up with a better design.
2) You know what, I was considering that myself. It would be pretty simple to integrate buttons in the sidebar to switch between Pokemon, attacks, and such.
3) Yeah for sure that will be fixed. Paths, flowers, lots of stuff like Periwinkle Pond has to map things out in your head and make things less plain.

I'd love to use AS3, but I was stubborn in 2007 and never made the shift. Oh well, I can still achieve everything in AS2. :)

Thanks for the input!

I tried playing this game but was unable to play it for more than a minute at best due to the old top down glitch i seem to always encounter with every top down game i find

Which is...?

EDIT: He sent me a PM about it. It was nothing.

The point of switching is to gain a small advantage once your other Pokemon is about to faint or faces a type it couldn't normally handle. Otherwise there's not much point in having more than one other than the type advantage.

The point of switching is to face types that your current Pokémon can't handle. I think if people had 6 different health bars they would just storm into boss battles and attack until they die, since they can do it six times without consequence. I think one death makes things somewhat challenging.

Already taken care of, but thanks.

Then how about splitting up your team like Mystery Dungeon, with a limit on how many can be on the active field at once?

I don't think people would be happy having less Pokémon available. I know my biggest gripe with Mystery Dungeon was how little variation there was in my team, since some missions restricted you to using your two starters, and it was impossible to keep everyone at an even level. I'd rather go through the game with a consistent team, perhaps swapping members out for better Pokémon along the way.