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First Preview for Original Series! (+Voice Acting Opportunity)

Posted by OrangePylon - March 16th, 2010


Remember that original series that I've been going on about for, like, ever? Well it's written all over my damn userpage, but if you somehow know who I am and don't know what Donkamule is, then here's a sneak peak at my hoogest project EVUR.

Actually, YouTube's quality is kinda lousy, so if you want to view it in Flash in a much better quality, just click right here! But here's the YouTube version anyway:

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Yyyeah! That's Vivvav voicing both Donkamule and the director. I also have lucawesome, sonicmega, and Sapphire voicing as well. I used to have a guy called Skullman voicing Hippopotamoose, but I haven't heard from the freakin' guy at all since I cast him, and that's where the "+Voice Acting Opportunity" part from the title comes in.

I've re-opened casting for Hippopotamoose, so any voice actors interested can just follow that link for more info, and send the audition to my Hotmail account (also listed in the thread).

Progression on Episode 1 is going slow, but getting there... if I work at it, I could definitely get it out by the end of the year if I take advantage of summer holidays, i.e., waste away my summer holidays. :P

Let's see now, I can't leave without ending in a picture... Ah, I think this is relevant...

First Preview for Original Series! (+Voice Acting Opportunity)

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Can't wait. :)

I wish I wrote your parts in earlier so I could have something to show for your characters!

Good luck dude! Send me a pm when it is out!

Don't think I'll remember to do that, but check the frontpage and whatever won weekly 1st that week and you can't miss it.

Isn't that right, Tom?

I believe I've been told of this series :]
Unless that was a different one.....I don't remember :$
Forgive me sir -.-'

I'd only have told you about the one. ;o

Opening credits = Ripoff of "Irving" from HappyHarry

Hmm, never seen it, I'll have to give it a look. :o I didn't know HappyHarry invented blacks screens and white letters.

Hey mate i sent my auditon, should be in your emails from wartha24

Got it; get back to you again on Sunday. :)

Pic from Very Demotivational.

Good to know you read the whole thing.

2 words:pokemon crap green version

I counted four. But I can add four more:

...will never be made.

What about Pokemon Fart Gold, Sh!t Silver and Crappy Crystel.

If I were to continue Pee Red, Fart Gold would now be my title of choice.

Sweetness. Send me a pm also when its out, Im looking forward to it. I also smell bacon.

I smell no such thing.

Dude! I'd love to do some voice acting! Check out my userpage for crying out loud. I just need to quickly figure out how to record the best way. That's it!

It's over, as I see you've figured out.

crap too late! well let me know if you're making anything else. I really want to do more on NG.

Everything I'm doing from now on is pretty much something for this series, and unfortunately everyone's cast for.

this really sucks. maybe if you need sound effects or something. i really want something to do until my school's karate club starts up again in the winter. until then all i have to do besides schoolwork is bowling and thats just on one day a week for like 4 weeks. lmao, just send me a pm if you'd like me to help. check my userpage for my awesomer art skills. i've finally gotten better since the last time i was on ng. plus a new wacom tablet doesn't hurt either. XD

Send me sound effects of you making donkey noises.

Don't really do that though because I don't need them and it would be annoying.

ok, i won't. *hee-haww* oops! that slipped out.


I know I'm late, but good luck with your series!

You're not late since it's not out yet. ;)

Haha, I guess not, but I thought I was late on wishing you good luck :D

At this point I need it to get anything done by the end of the year.

that's One Fuck Up Baby You Got Their Dude is he adopted?!
Or Retarted?!

This is a very odd thing to say. Especially considering that this post is two years old.