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Pound the Puss - a nice game about horrible things - released!

2016-08-24 23:11:22 by OrangePylon

Hello, Newgrounds! Lon here, comin' at ya with a new, original game called Pound the Puss!


It's a naughty Point & Click Adventure game about a cat named Pound. It's much raunchier than anything that I've done before. I tried hard to build a world full of funny characters and situations, and it seems to be paying off! I'm overjoyed by the warm reception that such a crude game has received so far.


Thanks, Newgrounders!

-Carl "Lon" Pilon



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2016-08-25 02:46:06

Really good shit my brother. Loved every second of it.

OrangePylon responds:

Thank you, my brother.


2016-08-25 21:33:11

If that game had an ass, I would fuck it rigorously. Awesome job.

OrangePylon responds:

If the game had an ass, it would take your rigorous fucking. Provided you took it out for a rigorous dinner first.


2016-08-26 13:45:52

I really hope this gets a sequel

OrangePylon responds:

We'll have to see! Thanks a lot.


2016-08-27 12:50:49

Great game, man. Didn't try too hard to be offensive or funny, and it ended up becoming one of my favorite point n' clicks on the site!

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks! Great thing to hear.


2016-09-03 01:31:31

now we just need Pump the Puss - the adventures of Pound's little sister. x3

OrangePylon responds:

That sounds like the Donkey Kong Country route.


2016-09-04 15:55:35

"That sounds like the Donkey Kong Country route."
that game was actually pretty good.. and besides, why can't it just be a continuation-type thing instead of a spin-off? xD

would also be neat to know what the heck is the story with that donkey on the mom thing... xD that was probably the most 'wth' moment in the entire game - maybe paired with the dying chick thing lol

footnote; TL;DR... : loved the game. wanna see more of it but with the sister instead/also? x]

OrangePylon responds:

Hey hey, I definitely wasn't trying to talk shit about Donkey Kong Country! DK is my man. We'll see where Pump ends up in the future!