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Pokémon Nuzlocke-Inspired Game, "Abomi Nation," Now on Kickstarter!

2017-07-09 14:23:23 by OrangePylon

Hi, Newgrounds! I've been hard at work for the last several months getting a large project ready. I'm so happy to finally reveal Abomi Nation!

Abomi Nation is a game inspired by Pokémon's "Nuzlocke" challenge mode where death is permanent and teams are varied! In order to continue working on it full-time, I've started a small Kickstarter to help with funding.

If you like Pokémon, roguelikes, or just RPGs, then please give it a look! It has been designed specifically around playing the way that you want, and the final product should be able to give you wildly different runs. Collect Abomis and conquer Abomi Nation!

You can also check out an early alpha build of the game on before backing to play with some Abomis of your own.

Thanks for all the support, Newgrounds!




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2017-07-10 23:51:33

Anything on a Pound the Puss sequel tho?

OrangePylon responds:

This is definitely my main priority for now, but if I'm ever at a point where I can comfortably make what I want again, I may revisit my ideas for Pound the Puss 2.


2017-07-11 04:22:36

Hope you get enough funds for the game. Good luck!

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks dude! If you know anyone in the Pokémon community who'd like to play it, that'd be the most helpful at this point.


2017-07-11 08:28:58

I already told people about your project on a forum. Hope it will attract more supporters.

OrangePylon responds:

That's awesome! Thanks a ton, man.


2017-07-12 03:52:32

Have you tried to promote your game on one of this websites ( )? If you want, I can promote it there as I did on the forum I told you about.

OrangePylon responds:

I certainly am now! Thanks for the list. Those are some pretty big sites, so I'm not sure they'd cover me, but it would just make it all the sweeter if they did.