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Not really suited for flash.

Alright, I'll start off with saying that it was a pretty good tutorial. But this simply isn't a flash. Not for NewGrounds, anyway. This would be better suited for your own website or something, or maybe uploading it to any other site that doesn't go by a scoring system that compares this to other flashes with effort put into them. I'm not saying you're lazy, I mean this is all that was required, but it's not like you lost sleep over the matter. =/

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this. It's hard to critique something like this. I can't offer room for improvement because frankly, it's a good tutorial, but it's better suited as a book or something... But now I'm just repeating myself, so I suppose I'll leave you with that and have a happy new year.

javier64 responds:

What you say is true, but I'm sure some people out there wants to learn were ever possible, Hopefully this will help those people out, but I'll try harder next time. ^_^

Oh my Jesus Christ, you are all idiots.

Well about half of you anyway. All the low-reviewers... I've yet to read one review that offered constructive criticism, but rather found countless ones bashing you for expressing your opinion. Guess what you 11-year-old bastards, this review space is NOT a comment box! He is ALLOWED to slip a message or moral into his own flash, and that doesn't detract from the time and effort he put into this project! There's no one pointing a gun to your head forcing you to become a vegetarian. I love meat, and guess what? I enjoyed the hell out of this game! It was a brilliant parody of Cooking Mama and a very entertaining way to get your message across. If you did convert a few people, right on. More power to you. I don't know if you're a real vegan or if you just pretended to be for the sake of an added joke to the game, but you sure seemed to have caused a [nerdy] riot.

Anyway, as I know better than to use up this review space to simply comment, I'll offer my opinions on this amazing piece of work:

As I stated earlier, this was a brilliant parody of Cooking Mama, and it was about time she got one. I absolutely hated her games and would've loved to do something similar to this myself if I had the Action Script skills. I'm pretty picky when it comes to 9s and 10s, giving only what I think TRULY deserves a 5 one (and a favorite). This does indeed. It was animated, drawn, and coded brilliantly and beautifully. I would much rather play this than actual Cooking Mama. The only reason I could see anyone hating this for would be the whole "Go Veg" thing (which does NOT affect the game!) or the people who are die-hard Cooking Mama fans (all 4 of them). Those people should just piss off and never review again.

Well I'm off to add this to my favorites, ta ta for now.


Ooo, ouch.

Everyone seems to be giving this a high score just because it's Brawl-related. Being a Flash author I have to rate the Flash for what it is and what it is ain't much... It's a gradient effect background with some text and no sound effects other than the music that doesn't loop.

I know it's pretty hypocritical of me to rate this poorly when I've made my own video game quiz of even lower quality, but I was a n00b back then, as we all were once. Looking back on it now I'd probably rate mine even lower than this one.

Anyway, most of the questions were pretty good, but some were kind of unclear. Like the differences between Link and Toon Link... what do you qualify as differences? Are you counting their looks/name or just their moveset? Also, some of the questions were WRONG. Donkey Kong wasn't announced on the 27th, check it yourself... Infact, NO character was announced on the 27th... that update was the Banana Peel... And Brawl came out in Japan on January 31st, not the 1st. I noticed 31st was an option so I'm guessing that was just a mix-up in coding.

I quickly looked at the first one and there's not much improvement here other than difficulty levels. My point is, try polishing up your Flashes a little before submitting, I've made the same mistakes as you so I know...

In conclusion, it's of really poor quality, but it's a good start for your coding skills and I'd like to see a cleaned-up version of this... sorry if I came off as an ass, just trying to help! <:)

HellBentGoose responds:

Ummm...trying to compare your old flash to mine doesn't really help in the slightest, your just trying to make yourself sound nicer.

Donkey Kong WAS announced on the 27th; check the dojo yourself.
Yeah, could've been messed up in the coding; my bad.
Link and Toon Link; EVERYTHING could be a difference, I just wasn't counting a certain criteria (looks, swords, etc.).

I kind of liked the gradient effect, and it's MUCH better than a blank bg, so props are due.

Thank you. I'm not much of a coder and I don't intend to be, as some people I know use coding just for about everything. I'm more of a natural person who likes to do things the old-fashioned way; hard work.

Thanks anyways for the review!

PS- There might be a 4th one, I just need a bunch of questions.

Classic, and way underrated

I found the game mecanics fantasic... I always sucked at it, but it's still fun. I was still able to make it to the end, and beat the mother ship. Love the Congradulations screen. :P Everything looked great, though they were sprites, they were still awesome. While some of the hand-drawn stuff seemed out of place (namely the pylon), it all pulled together and was a really enjoyable experience.

It's a shame that it appears all the smart NewGrounders are doing easter things today and all the retards were left to review this game. My only suggestion would be some ships move to fast, you said that some move the same speed of the cannon, but if thats true you can't catch up with them, although I see how that can work if you're on the left side. Maybe those should only be in the later levels, adding a different kind of difficulty other than needing a higher score.

But my complaints would definatly have to be that space invaders are WAY to weak, and the numbers are totally broken. Hope that my not-elaborating helps you fix your game. -.-

Nerd-02 responds:

Thanks it took a lot of time and energy to write the script for that screen, wonder how many people saw it? And I guess I'm going to need a pylon sprite lol. I was thinking of making the enemies in the latter levels move faster but I wanted everyone to be blown away from the first level and not play the easy first level vote 0 assuming the later levels are the same.

Oh and don't worry i have given steroids to space invaders and the numbers have been sent away to be fixed. It's ok not to explain yourself, you see, I can read minds as well as speak idiot. tankz 4 teh revew lonz lawl :p


I'm a sucker for online, and this was really cool, I never thought Snake could be multiplayer, but online too?! Trapping your opponents adds to the strategy of this game, that's so awesome! Registering is great, too, just enter your username, and choose a password, and voila! You don't need to go to any sites or whatever! Overall, amazing game and I look forward to kicking more asses by collecting strawberries. :D


You've got a pretty sweet game here. Break 'em all with the mouse, we've all seen it, nothing special for originality, but none the less, still fun. There was one thing that bugged me though. There were no power-ups! (Well, at least not to where I got, which was level 3, then I said "Review time!") If there were later on, I'm sorry. Anyway, you did very good on level design, and it was fun to play. :) 4/5

Cool, I guess

It was alright, but not THAT great... It was hard to keep up with the guys and might've controlled better with the mouse... If you failed a chalenge, it was hard to tell, as they would keep going, and you'd think it was you pressing the buttons and... aaahhhh... it was frustrating. But it did keep me hooked for a while, trying to get to level 2 and I did, so kudos for that... Overall, it was an okay game that could use some improvement... 3/5. :P


*This review has spoilers, so don't read it unless you've beaten it! :P*

THE best SFB Flash ever made! I knew it was Pete all along! You could tell! Hehehe I feel so special! :) -.- Anyway I played the whole way through, boy did this waste a good hour of my life! But I loved it! I also love the little dancing chibi versions of the characters at the end! :3

Overall, VERY well done and this DEFINATELY makes its way over to my favorites! :D

Good, but...

This is a good game and can easily teach n00bs some 1337... I say some because you were missing Q, Y, J, N and M. (Which could be 0, '/ _| |\| and |\/| ) and V only had one slash... But other than those letters it's a pretty good game... I'm looking forward to an update that fixes this...

Very nice game

Wow, great game! I was very suprised when I first played, then I went back to the menu and looked at the instructions and was like "OMG you can use Shift!!!" And that really pushed it over the edge! I wouldn't be suprised if this got a daily award, you did a really nice job! :) My only complaint is that up should be the jetpack because I think it would controll much smoother, but other than that, this is a fantasic game! :D

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