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Currently working on Abomi Nation (my first Steam release), releasing July 29th, 2021. It's a roguelike, monster-taming RPG. It would mean a lot if you gave it a wishlist!

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OrangePylon's News

Posted by OrangePylon - December 15th, 2007

Alright, thanks to a review on my old Wiilionaire from supertoria12, I am making a second version of it. Here is where I'll keep all, like, 2 of you up-to-date on Who Wants to be a Wiilionaire v2!

There are several new features in v2 that should have been implemented in v1 but I had little to no AS skill at the time. Some of them are:

-Rather than playing as Toad, you create your own character from body pieces of other Wii mascots, such as Mario, Raving Rabbid, Elebit, Cooking Mama and more. Also you can give it a username.
-Instead of playing the same 10 questions over again, there are 3 questions for each number chosen randomly. So this time around there are really 30 questions instead of 10.
-Having Samus as host didn't make much sense, so I've switched it to Master Hand.
-There are unlockable bonuses beyond mini games, such as new characters. Speaking of mini games, my pal Nerd~02 is making one of them as a bonus.

That's all for now, but I'll probably be updating this whenever I'm making new stuff. Ooo! Screenshot time!
(The character demonstrated has the head of Dr. Lobe, the body of Cooking Mama, and Raving Rabbid limbs)

Wiilionaire v2 Info

Posted by OrangePylon - September 8th, 2007

...Is going to be a while... Don't get me wrong, nothing's wrong with it and I'm actually almost done, I could probably finish it in about an hour, (one freaking hour) if it weren't on the dumbest computer ever!!! >:O After about 5 or 10 minutes of starting on it, Flash screws up and whenever I drag that little red thingy over frames, no sound plays, and when I hit enter, it stops 3 frames later, making it impossible to synch my video!!! It's kinda important when you're making a music video that your sound is synched, especially with lip-synching. -.- It doesn't help that the computer is incredibly slow either. >:( I'm putting Flash on this faster computer as soon as this damn video is done so I can make Donkamule 3! >:(