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Currently working on Abomi Nation (my first Steam release), releasing July 29th, 2021. It's a roguelike, monster-taming RPG. It would mean a lot if you gave it a wishlist!

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OrangePylon's News

Posted by OrangePylon - March 16th, 2013

Hey, Newgrounders! I've spent a long time working on this new Pokémon fan game, and I just finished everything needed for the second demo. I'm trying to spread the link around so I can get as much feedback as possible before I release the next demo.

Pokémon Campaign is essentially an open-world, real-time Pokémon adventure. Fans have wanted it for a long time, and let's face it, it's pretty sad that "PokéPark Wii" is the closest thing we have.

Anyway, if you'd like to try the demo, you can click right here.

If you'd like to watch a video with a bit of gameplay, then you can watch me die in my own game at 7:20 here:

And for a list of all the Pokémon currently in the game, you can study the picture below. Thanks for taking the time to try my early game, and I'd sure appreciate any constructive criticism!

Pokemon Campaign Demo 0.2

Posted by OrangePylon - February 4th, 2013

Hi everybody. I've been working on a project for a long time and I figured I'd release a demo to the public to get some other opinions on it, and to see if people think it's worth pursuing.

It's essentially an open-world game like Skyrim (not QUITE up to that caliber, I have to admit) but incorporates Pokémon. Fans have always wanted to control their Pokémon in real-time, and when the closest they have is "PokéPark Wii," you know that there's a problem. So I did what I could in Flash and this is the result.

Here's a video of me playing it:

If you'd like to try it yourself, then just click right here.

Again, I'm open to all critiques and suggestions. The game is still in its early stages, so I want to make sure everything is up to par before adding new areas and Pokémon.


Posted by OrangePylon - March 16th, 2010


Remember that original series that I've been going on about for, like, ever? Well it's written all over my damn userpage, but if you somehow know who I am and don't know what Donkamule is, then here's a sneak peak at my hoogest project EVUR.

Actually, YouTube's quality is kinda lousy, so if you want to view it in Flash in a much better quality, just click right here! But here's the YouTube version anyway:

/* */
Yyyeah! That's Vivvav voicing both Donkamule and the director. I also have lucawesome, sonicmega, and Sapphire voicing as well. I used to have a guy called Skullman voicing Hippopotamoose, but I haven't heard from the freakin' guy at all since I cast him, and that's where the "+Voice Acting Opportunity" part from the title comes in.

I've re-opened casting for Hippopotamoose, so any voice actors interested can just follow that link for more info, and send the audition to my Hotmail account (also listed in the thread).

Progression on Episode 1 is going slow, but getting there... if I work at it, I could definitely get it out by the end of the year if I take advantage of summer holidays, i.e., waste away my summer holidays. :P

Let's see now, I can't leave without ending in a picture... Ah, I think this is relevant...

First Preview for Original Series! (+Voice Acting Opportunity)

Posted by OrangePylon - January 13th, 2010

If you're not interested in anything I have to say at all and were expecting something Pokémon-related from me, then scroll to the bottom for a silly video. If you'd like to be better educated in what's going on in the lives of all the NewGrounders in the world, then read on to add another to your checklist.

HEYYY, I haven't posted anything here in a long while so I figured it was time for just a general update on shit I'm doing that nobody cares about.

The first thing you might notice if you've for whatever reason been frequenting my userpage is that I've replaced my old profile image and banner with Donkamule ones. That's right, I'm trying to get rid of all the video game shit around my page (CHANGE MY USERNAME TO JUST "LON", TOM!). I'm ringin' in the new decade with original content. Video game parodies are enjoyable, but they're just not nearly as fun to make or show off as something that you can truly call your own. I'm glad my Pee Red Flash got all the attention it did and set me up a small fanbase, but it really is time to move on since I got my tablet and all.

That being said, production on Donkamule: Episode 1 is going well I suppose, but very, very slowly. I may be able to draw stuff now, but it's just so hard to find the time between school and work and social activities. Oh yeah -- work -- I work in a local game store my uncle owns now (it's a pretty Goddamn sweet gig). I also got a 360 for Christmas, taking up most of my time that wasn't already taken up by family gatherings and such. But it's inching toward completion each day... I have maybe over 30 seconds done out of what is around a 12 minute script, so I'm gonna need to work my ass off during March and Summer Breaks if I want this thing out before the end of the year.

Trust me though, it'll be worth the wait. I have some big-name voice actors involved like sonicmega, who did the excellent Oak voice in my Pee Red flash, Sapphire voicing the female characters, Vivvav voicing the lead, Donkamule, lucawesome being a retard, and, uh... skullman... I won't link his page because I haven't heard from the dude at all since I cast him... >:/

Actually only 2 of the 5 VAs have sent their lines in... I won't tattle on who the other two are, but SHIT, Vivvav and sonicmega, I need those lines!


Also, Vivvav and lucaweomse haven't been in any NewGrounds flashes (at least not released ones), which surprises me because they're both REALLY talented at lots of different voices... So, if you're looking for a voice actor, check out these guys! (EDIT: Dumbassery! I somehow didn't notice that lucawesome DID have a flash he was in. Oh well, he's great anyway!)

Ahhh, what else, what else? Ooo, I have a guy doing the music and theme song for the series. That's pretty cool. I haaave... voice actors!... No, I said that already... Damnit, this is why I don't update that often. Okay, I'll throw in the full body shots of all the characters below so you can know what they look like better... but not before you watch this awesome video (WARNING: explict lyrics and shit):

/* */

Because my life is so interesting.

Posted by OrangePylon - August 16th, 2009

Firstly, here's the intro to Pokémon: Pee Red Version on YouTube:

/* */
I just wanted to embed a video for once. :3

But I assume you came here because of the title...


Well I'll tell you what of it: it's for my new, ORIGINAL SERIES OMGWTFBBQ. Yup, Donkamule is the name. I thought it'd be nice to have NG Voice Actors so I could credit you under voice. :)

EDIT: WELL IT'S CLOSED NOW. I've got everyone all casted so don't bother anymore. :)

Yeeeah, video game parodies? Kinda gayyy. I've been wanting to start this up for a while but I was working on my Pokémon flash for the longest time since I didn't have a tablet. D: But now that it's out -- even though I still need a tablet -- I decided I could write and cast and stuff until I can afford one. (Yeah, that art in the thread was thrown together with the touchpad on my laptop. :) )

I've opened casting until August 23rd, which is actually only a week from now. Maybe I waited too long to post this on Newgrounds. :( Ah hell, I haven't even received any female auditions yet (HINT HINT, LADIES), so I can always extend the deadline. EDIT: Got a female post WHILE this was being written. =/ I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

If you're interested, you can e-mail me or add me on MSN, but the latter would be piss awkward if you don't get the part. :S

I don't have much else to say other than I hope y'all think my dumb little series has potential and PEACE OUT.

...Wait, yes, I do have something else to put here:

PEE RED IN THE TOP 50, BIZNATCH. I was at 34 at one point but my dumb ass forgot to take another screenshot. >:/

Hey Voice Actors, wanna see something nifty?

Posted by OrangePylon - July 1st, 2009

Well I suppose so!

Hot damn, I would have been happy with a Daily 5th, or even a 3.7-3.8, but 4.3 and a Daily 1st?! You guys made my day. <3

For those of you who haven't already, check it out!

Super special thanks to sonicmega and FatKidWitAJetPak for providing the awesome voice work!

Pokemon: Pee Red Version lulzy enough to win me Daily Feature?

Posted by OrangePylon - January 10th, 2009

Well, I won't go into detail, but long story short: my computer got the blue screen of death and I foolishly didn't have my flashes backed up, so GUESS WHAT! Almost 3 months into making Pokemon: Pee Red Version, I've lost all the sprites I had made, the voices for some of the characters, and most importantly, the flash itself. So now, rather than having it come out Februrary-ish, we're looking at April, maybe even May if I'm just too demotivated to make the same things over again. It's pretty ironic, too, as it happened just a day after I put up that banner for my userpage, the first time I had made the sprites public. =/ My God, I really need my own computer. (I know I wasn't the one who downloaded the virus!... I watch my porn on safe sites!)

Well, I suppose the positive side is that I wasn't really far into making it. But downloading and recording all the music and sounds effects, making the sprites, and most of all LIP-SYNCHING over again is going to be a bitch.

To the voice actors:

FatKidWitAJetPak - Wow, it's a really good thing you haven't sent the voices yet so I didn't waste my time lip-synching. So yeah, don't be suprised if I take a day or two to respond when you do.

sonicmega - Well, your Oak voices are still in my inbox, but I need you to re-send the voices for the bit characters since you sent them over MSN. T_T If you don't have the file anymore, I'll need you to re-voice. D:

So anyway, for all 3 of you who were anxious for this, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a little longer. :(


I got my computer back and they were able to back up everything I needed, so Pee Red is back on schedule and looking at a March-ish release. :D

Posted by OrangePylon - September 30th, 2008

Hey it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. I figure I might as well post about my 2 Flashes that I'm currently working on (or 3 if you count the one being thought up). Both of which Pokémon-related. Don't worry, after these two I'm DONE with Pokémon, unless I ever make anything Smash Bros.-related, then Pikachu will probably appear, but these are my last 2 revolving around Pokémon.

For those of you who don't know, I have made 2 parodies of Pokémon already called "Donkamule". In the movie I say I hate Pokémon, but that was almost 2 years ago, I've come to realize that I do in fact like it. I'm not the obsessed figurine-collecting Pokétard I was when I was 6, but Red and Blue are still fun to play.

I plan on remaking Donkamule and am working on writing the script right now. It will cover 1 & 2 and finish it. It will feature better graphics and animation (although it's not hard to up a bunch of sprites, circles and squares), voice acting, better sense of humor, and overall much better quality. It will also be renamed to "Pokémon: Pee Red Version". It's only in the process of being written right now, so I don't have any screen shots or anything to show you. I could give you a snippet of dialogue, but I don't want to really give anything away...

^-- Pokémon: Pee Red Version --^

After I'm done with all that, I plan on making a non-Pokémon-related series with the Donkamule characters on their own. Without Peter or anyone human. It'll feature Donkamule, Frizzleshitz, Lemon, and many more new original characters. Again, there's nothing I can really show you there... I don't even have any sort of script ready. I'm focusing on my other Flashes first. Also, I may need voice actors for Frizzleshitz and a new female character, but that won't be until 2009.

^-- Donkamule: Ep. 1 (Working Title) --^

And finally the game that I've told some of you about, but never actually told you what it was. Well, it's a game featuring the most badass Pokémon in existence. That's right. I'm talking about... Wooper. Wooper's Adventure is the name. It's a Pokémon/Mario/Puzzle/Platformer. It kinda works like SHIFT... except... no shifting. You play through 20 levels collecting the key and entering the door. Simple, right? Well yeah, but there are henchmen Pokémon like Slugma and Gastly trying to stop you under order of the uber epic MUDKIPZ. Mudkip has stolen your sister, Woopette, and run away. It's up to you to save her by getting through some cool platforming elements and innovative boss fights! This game is set to be released on October 17th, my birthday.*

* EDIT: Bawww, scratch that. Looks like I won't have enough time. It really is a shame. Would've been a nice birthday present to myself. I technically COULD, but it'd be half-assed and would only have one Mini-Game. It's really my fault for not working on it as much as I should have... but hey... I have a life. Anyway, I'll try to get it out before Halloween, but if not I'll wait until the Portal isn't flooded with holiday submissions. Anyway, sorry to the, like, 3 of you who were actually waiting for this game. You'll just have to sit tight and wait a little longer.

^-- Wooper's Adventure --^

EDIT: Just noticed the pics were extremely shrunken, hopefully I fixed it now.

Here are 4 screen shots of Wooper's Adventure, one of the menu, one of a cut scene and two of actual game play:

Let me show you my Pokeemanz

Posted by OrangePylon - May 4th, 2008

Finally, after over 11 months, I release a new Flash. It's another Weird Al/Mario crossover, this one featuring Yoshi and Birdo. The reason it took so long was because I switched computers halfway through and only recently got a USB Thumbdrive to bring it to my new computer. >.<

You can view the Flash here, or by the link in my flashes just below this...

And since you were arsed enough to read this, could you submit to the Weird Al collection? I'd apreciate it... I mean my other POS got in, so this one should, right? :(

Anyway, that's about all I got, I'll leave you with this screenshot.

My new music video is out!

Posted by OrangePylon - February 7th, 2008

Hey, snow day today so I decided I'd make a big news post with info on all the Flashes I'm making. I haven't submitted a Flash since May of last year, but I haven't quit making Flash, there was just a big delay when switching computers. I'm still making Flashes! Four, infact. And I've gotten ALOT better since last year. Consider the gap between my '07 Flashes and my '08 Flashes a gap between the ones that suck and the ones that don't. ;) Here's a little detailed rundown on each:

<You Don't Love Me Anymore: Mario Ed.>
The sequel to my You're Pitiful: Mario Ed., which suprisingly made it into the Weird Al Collection, which is what gave me the inspiration to do another one. But there's a twist on this one: it features Yoshi instead of Mario... and the lyp-synching is rather... awesome if I do say so myself. At least comparing it to the last one... But it's on my old computer which I haven't gone on in forever, so I might not finish it anytime soon.

<Who Wants to be a Wiilionaire v2>
A remake of the original so that it no longer completely sucks balls. There's a News Post all about it a page back from this one so you can just read that.

<Donkamule 3>
The 3rd and final installment in my Donkamule series. I haven't even started it yet, but I am going to make it eventually. I have big things planned for his one, it'll be more than Peter walking and meeting someone and making fun of them. This one will feature voice acting, new characters, fight sequences (yes), and GOOD animation... but this'll probably be the last of these Flashes I finish since I haven't even started it yet. :3

<Banjo-Kazooie RPG>
Possibly... no, definatly my biggest project ever. Remember the good ol' days of the N64? What games pop into your head when you think of it? If Banjo-Kazooie or Tooie isn't up there, then you are messed up in the head buddy. Banjo is one of my favorite games of all time. He's what got me into gaming when I was a kid. And now that I don't suck at Action Script anymore I've decided to make a big tribute. Wouldn't ya guess it, Gruntilda is at it again! She's captured Tootie again and hidden behind a massive note door! The only way to get through is to get 100 notes... only problem is that Gruntilda's minions are holding all the notes therefore there are none left to collect. How do you get the notes out of them? A Turn-based battling system ovcourse! It works kinda like Paper Mario, you use Banjo to dish out Standard Attacks and Kazooie for the Specials. Mumbo serves as the helper and aids you with his magic. Defeat enough enemies to reach the boss. Throw in a couple mini-games and a town to buy items and talk to townsfolk in and you've got yourself my first big project.

(Sorry about the quality of the image, and the logo isn't allways in the corner like that it's just there for the sake of the screenshot.)

Huge Update on all of my Flashes