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Hello, Newgrounds! Lon here, comin' at ya with a new, original game called Pound the Puss!


It's a naughty Point & Click Adventure game about a cat named Pound. It's much raunchier than anything that I've done before. I tried hard to build a world full of funny characters and situations, and it seems to be paying off! I'm overjoyed by the warm reception that such a crude game has received so far.


Thanks, Newgrounders!

-Carl "Lon" Pilon


I'm happy to announce the official return of my fan game, Pokémon Campaign.


Thank you to everyone who supported this project during its long (very long) development process. It is with great joy that I approach its final release -- for real this time -- and I hope it can entertain Pokémon fans across the world. Until its release, you can play the 2013 demo version of it here. You can also like us on facebook or check us out on IndieDB for more info.


Shuddering in anticipation like a Croagunk,



Hi Newgrounds! For those of you who have been following my upcoming game, Pokémon Campaign, you may have noticed a lack of updates for almost a half year. I'm sure you're sick of hearing it, but university and other commitments have prevented me from putting the finishing touches on the game. Well, I'm here to announce that Pokémon Campaign is now back on track, and is scheduled for a Summer 2014 release.

To commemorate this restart in production, I've opened a facebook page for Pokémon Campaign. Liking it on there will keep you up to date on development and its final release date.

If you prefer, you can also check the game out on IndieDB, where several exclusive screenshots have already been posted.

And as always, you can play Demo 0.3 right here on Newgrounds! Be sure to leave feedback before the final release; it's always appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the full release of Pokémon Campaign!


Pokemon Campaign

Pokemon Campaign Demo 0.3

2013-07-12 12:20:17 by OrangePylon

Hi, Newgrounds. I've been hard at work on my new game, Pokémon Campaign. For those of you who don't know it, Pokémon Campaign is a Flash game set in the Pokémon world that allows for open-world exploration and real-time battles.
If you'd like to play the latest demo, you can find it right here through Newgrounds' fantastic new Project System.

Head up to Apricot City and press Space next to the Lass to accept your first mission!

I also just made a profile for it on IndieDB, which is a great site, and I hope to talk a little more in-depth about Campaign there in the future. You can also find a tutorial if this is your first time playing. I'll be updating the IndieDB page as we get closer to development, so be sure to check back.

As always, I am very open to constructive criticism. Although this will be the last demo before the final product, the game is still unfinished, and could benefit greatly from beta testers. I'd love to hear what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to play Pokémon Campaign's third demo, and I hope you enjoy it!

Pokemon Campaign Demo 0.3

Pokemon Campaign Demo 0.2

2013-03-16 20:35:50 by OrangePylon

Hey, Newgrounders! I've spent a long time working on this new Pokémon fan game, and I just finished everything needed for the second demo. I'm trying to spread the link around so I can get as much feedback as possible before I release the next demo.

Pokémon Campaign is essentially an open-world, real-time Pokémon adventure. Fans have wanted it for a long time, and let's face it, it's pretty sad that "PokéPark Wii" is the closest thing we have.

Anyway, if you'd like to try the demo, you can click right here.

If you'd like to watch a video with a bit of gameplay, then you can watch me die in my own game at 7:20 here:

And for a list of all the Pokémon currently in the game, you can study the picture below. Thanks for taking the time to try my early game, and I'd sure appreciate any constructive criticism!

Pokemon Campaign Demo 0.2

Pokemon Campaign

2013-02-04 15:50:08 by OrangePylon

Hi everybody. I've been working on a project for a long time and I figured I'd release a demo to the public to get some other opinions on it, and to see if people think it's worth pursuing.

It's essentially an open-world game like Skyrim (not QUITE up to that caliber, I have to admit) but incorporates Pokémon. Fans have always wanted to control their Pokémon in real-time, and when the closest they have is "PokéPark Wii," you know that there's a problem. So I did what I could in Flash and this is the result.

Here's a video of me playing it:

If you'd like to try it yourself, then just click right here.

Again, I'm open to all critiques and suggestions. The game is still in its early stages, so I want to make sure everything is up to par before adding new areas and Pokémon.


Remember that original series that I've been going on about for, like, ever? Well it's written all over my damn userpage, but if you somehow know who I am and don't know what Donkamule is, then here's a sneak peak at my hoogest project EVUR.

Actually, YouTube's quality is kinda lousy, so if you want to view it in Flash in a much better quality, just click right here! But here's the YouTube version anyway:

/* */
Yyyeah! That's Vivvav voicing both Donkamule and the director. I also have lucawesome, sonicmega, and Sapphire voicing as well. I used to have a guy called Skullman voicing Hippopotamoose, but I haven't heard from the freakin' guy at all since I cast him, and that's where the "+Voice Acting Opportunity" part from the title comes in.

I've re-opened casting for Hippopotamoose, so any voice actors interested can just follow that link for more info, and send the audition to my Hotmail account (also listed in the thread).

Progression on Episode 1 is going slow, but getting there... if I work at it, I could definitely get it out by the end of the year if I take advantage of summer holidays, i.e., waste away my summer holidays. :P

Let's see now, I can't leave without ending in a picture... Ah, I think this is relevant...

First Preview for Original Series! (+Voice Acting Opportunity)

Because my life is so interesting.

2010-01-13 19:43:35 by OrangePylon

If you're not interested in anything I have to say at all and were expecting something Pokémon-related from me, then scroll to the bottom for a silly video. If you'd like to be better educated in what's going on in the lives of all the NewGrounders in the world, then read on to add another to your checklist.

HEYYY, I haven't posted anything here in a long while so I figured it was time for just a general update on shit I'm doing that nobody cares about.

The first thing you might notice if you've for whatever reason been frequenting my userpage is that I've replaced my old profile image and banner with Donkamule ones. That's right, I'm trying to get rid of all the video game shit around my page (CHANGE MY USERNAME TO JUST "LON", TOM!). I'm ringin' in the new decade with original content. Video game parodies are enjoyable, but they're just not nearly as fun to make or show off as something that you can truly call your own. I'm glad my Pee Red Flash got all the attention it did and set me up a small fanbase, but it really is time to move on since I got my tablet and all.

That being said, production on Donkamule: Episode 1 is going well I suppose, but very, very slowly. I may be able to draw stuff now, but it's just so hard to find the time between school and work and social activities. Oh yeah -- work -- I work in a local game store my uncle owns now (it's a pretty Goddamn sweet gig). I also got a 360 for Christmas, taking up most of my time that wasn't already taken up by family gatherings and such. But it's inching toward completion each day... I have maybe over 30 seconds done out of what is around a 12 minute script, so I'm gonna need to work my ass off during March and Summer Breaks if I want this thing out before the end of the year.

Trust me though, it'll be worth the wait. I have some big-name voice actors involved like sonicmega, who did the excellent Oak voice in my Pee Red flash, Sapphire voicing the female characters, Vivvav voicing the lead, Donkamule, lucawesome being a retard, and, uh... skullman... I won't link his page because I haven't heard from the dude at all since I cast him... >:/

Actually only 2 of the 5 VAs have sent their lines in... I won't tattle on who the other two are, but SHIT, Vivvav and sonicmega, I need those lines!


Also, Vivvav and lucaweomse haven't been in any NewGrounds flashes (at least not released ones), which surprises me because they're both REALLY talented at lots of different voices... So, if you're looking for a voice actor, check out these guys! (EDIT: Dumbassery! I somehow didn't notice that lucawesome DID have a flash he was in. Oh well, he's great anyway!)

Ahhh, what else, what else? Ooo, I have a guy doing the music and theme song for the series. That's pretty cool. I haaave... voice actors!... No, I said that already... Damnit, this is why I don't update that often. Okay, I'll throw in the full body shots of all the characters below so you can know what they look like better... but not before you watch this awesome video (WARNING: explict lyrics and shit):

/* */

Because my life is so interesting.

Hey Voice Actors, wanna see something nifty?

2009-08-16 18:41:13 by OrangePylon

Firstly, here's the intro to Pokémon: Pee Red Version on YouTube:

/* */
I just wanted to embed a video for once. :3

But I assume you came here because of the title...


Well I'll tell you what of it: it's for my new, ORIGINAL SERIES OMGWTFBBQ. Yup, Donkamule is the name. I thought it'd be nice to have NG Voice Actors so I could credit you under voice. :)

EDIT: WELL IT'S CLOSED NOW. I've got everyone all casted so don't bother anymore. :)

Yeeeah, video game parodies? Kinda gayyy. I've been wanting to start this up for a while but I was working on my Pokémon flash for the longest time since I didn't have a tablet. D: But now that it's out -- even though I still need a tablet -- I decided I could write and cast and stuff until I can afford one. (Yeah, that art in the thread was thrown together with the touchpad on my laptop. :) )

I've opened casting until August 23rd, which is actually only a week from now. Maybe I waited too long to post this on Newgrounds. :( Ah hell, I haven't even received any female auditions yet (HINT HINT, LADIES), so I can always extend the deadline. EDIT: Got a female post WHILE this was being written. =/ I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

If you're interested, you can e-mail me or add me on MSN, but the latter would be piss awkward if you don't get the part. :S

I don't have much else to say other than I hope y'all think my dumb little series has potential and PEACE OUT.

...Wait, yes, I do have something else to put here:

PEE RED IN THE TOP 50, BIZNATCH. I was at 34 at one point but my dumb ass forgot to take another screenshot. >:/

Hey Voice Actors, wanna see something nifty?

Pokemon: Pee Red Version lulzy enough to win me Daily Feature?

2009-07-01 13:46:21 by OrangePylon

Well I suppose so!

Hot damn, I would have been happy with a Daily 5th, or even a 3.7-3.8, but 4.3 and a Daily 1st?! You guys made my day. <3

For those of you who haven't already, check it out!

Super special thanks to sonicmega and FatKidWitAJetPak for providing the awesome voice work!

Pokemon: Pee Red Version lulzy enough to win me Daily Feature?